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The cloud-reflecting rock formations in Mananoy’s shoreline. Photo: Jake Verzosa


After beholding the overwhelming, unsullied magnificence of this paradoxical island, we were badly torn between a) shouting out to the world how damn fine this place is, and b) keeping its majesty to ourselves. We would have preferred the latter but we so want you to get a superlative summer experience right here in the Philippines. Continue reading NORTHERN EXPOSURE: BATANES


China Star: The Dawn of New Vintage

CHINESE, not Chinese-ish. This is what China Star is.

On the surface, it doesn’t look anything like the red-and-gold Buddha food enclaves that supposedly represent Chinese cuisine in this city.  No mall-style red banners screaming “We’re a Chinese restaurant!” nor any of the “talk-to-the-chopstick” attitude of stick-in-the-mud oriental establishments. Notably gone, too, are traditional Chinese trimmings that promise transportation to the Mainland.

In China Star, the food, dubbed as “New Vintage Chinese Cuisine,” speaks for itself. Continue reading China Star: The Dawn of New Vintage