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Eraserheads: A New Chapter

THE Eraserheads was just a band. Their reunion concert last August 30 at The Fort was only a gig. The whole shebang was simply all about the music. There are individuals, including the Eraserheads themselves, who want to believe the sentiments above were 100 percent true. But unfortunately, there was, is, and will be nothing just, only, and simple about the Eraserheads. As much as they wish otherwise, even the band knows it’s the truth. Continue reading Eraserheads: A New Chapter


Looking back at Kurt Cobain’s music and angst

Ten years ago, 27-year-old Kurt Cobain put a shotgun into his mouth and pulled the trigger. Four days later, stunned disbelief blanketed mass consciousness before a violent burst of rage and suicidal anguish damned mainstream media and shoved shell-shocked souls to seek psychic comfort. The angsty grief of the Nineties’ disintegrated jeans culture sent the recording-pit into a cachinnating exploitation spree—exactly what the tormented Cobain tried to escape from.

cobain sscoutis Continue reading Looking back at Kurt Cobain’s music and angst