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Hello, God… Are You Listening?

If you are talking to Him, do you think He is listening?

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Eraserheads: A New Chapter

THE Eraserheads was just a band. Their reunion concert last August 30 at The Fort was only a gig. The whole shebang was simply all about the music. There are individuals, including the Eraserheads themselves, who want to believe the sentiments above were 100 percent true. But unfortunately, there was, is, and will be nothing just, only, and simple about the Eraserheads. As much as they wish otherwise, even the band knows it’s the truth. Continue reading Eraserheads: A New Chapter

Reverse sun skin damage and get fairer skin this summer

PRE-summer heat blankets the tropics and with it comes not only the promise of sun-kissed godliness but also the curse of “sun-fried radiance”.

EVER vigilant of the evolving needs of sensitive Asian skin tones, Kanebo launched its twin antidote to this year’s summer skin backlash through an interactive beauty workshop set amid the elegance of Deco Centrum, which adorned its showroom with a magnificent showcase of the legendary “Arita” fine porcelain from Japan.

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Marie Claire: Bianca Gonzales: Picking Up The Pieces

THERE are days when her spirit threatens to break under the weight of guilt, reproach, and doubt, but she refuses to be vanquished. For Bianca, there are more important things to do than indulge in self-pity. There are promises to be kept and relationships to be salvaged.  Continue reading Marie Claire: Bianca Gonzales: Picking Up The Pieces

Places to go: The Spa

Scared you’re gonna end up as a holiday nutcase?

BETWEEN trying to beat holiday deadlines and constantly trying to keep in good cheer 24/7 when in truth you’re thisclose to going Grinch, Christmas can indeed be, well, stressful. That’s why on your next jaunt to the mall, we suggest you treat yourself to the The Spa’s magic touch – one to two hours’ of therapeutic pampering, which may include a soothing Javanese royal bath, a Moor spa facial and a long overdue foot massage – guaranteed to leave you purring with satisfaction and fully recharged. Continue reading Places to go: The Spa

AMAZING TOUCH: “Beauty is in the heart, in helping those in need”

ONLY the truly beautiful can define what real beauty is. Wife, mother and businesswoman Mia Seng is one of them.

Filipina businesswoman in Singapore Mia Seng of Amazing Touch
Filipino entrepreneur Mia Seng is the owner of Amazing Touch, a beauty clinic that has branches in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Photo: Pinoy Power Top 10 Pinoy Entrepreneurs in Singapore

“Real beauty is in your heart. It is helping those who need it. You become beautiful because you know you’re sharing your blessings with others. You attain peace of mind, knowing you have helped people.”

This principle spurred a bored Filipina housewife to build a flourishing beauty clinic franchise—called Amazing Touch—spread out in four countries in a span of 15 years. Today, Amazing Touch has four branches in Singapore:the main clinic in Lucky Plaza, a franchise each in Malaysia and Hong Kong, and one in every SM mall in the Philippines. Continue reading AMAZING TOUCH: “Beauty is in the heart, in helping those in need”