Places to go: The Spa

Scared you’re gonna end up as a holiday nutcase?

BETWEEN trying to beat holiday deadlines and constantly trying to keep in good cheer 24/7 when in truth you’re thisclose to going Grinch, Christmas can indeed be, well, stressful. That’s why on your next jaunt to the mall, we suggest you treat yourself to the The Spa’s magic touch – one to two hours’ of therapeutic pampering, which may include a soothing Javanese royal bath, a Moor spa facial and a long overdue foot massage – guaranteed to leave you purring with satisfaction and fully recharged.

Located in the luxurious basement of Alabang Town Center, The Spa offers an extensive range of stress-relieving treatments to spa members and non-members alike including head, body and foot massage therapies plus a host of complimentary packages.

The medium pressure full-body Swedish Massage is one of the most popular choices but whacked moms would benefit more from the sense-calming power of the stimulating Aromatherapy Massage, where pure essential oils are carefully chosen to suit specific needs. Next, lying face down on a comfy couch, indulge your body with the purifying powers of pure honey, almonds and fresh buttermilk (Honey Body Polish) before buffing up your back for that backless number with a sweep of rich lavender cream.

For those totally beaten by the holidays, choose among Shiatsu massage (Jap healing art using thumb pressure), Traditional Thai massage (for flexibility, tension release and pain prevention) and a Twin Massage (two therapists join forces to give the most effectively relaxing rubdown on one person – utter bliss!).

For a stress-fighting body treatment (BT), take your pick from these: European Seaweed BT (for sore, stiff limbs), Moor Mud Body Wrap (rejuvenates tired muscles), Indian Ayurvedic BT (for mental stress and tension) and Volcanic Rock Massage (deep-level relaxation using the ancient healing art of stone massage).

Included in the indulgence tray are interesting choices of facial treatments and tempting foot delights (one-hour therapeutic reflexology + lavish treats).

Additional perks: LCN Hand and Foot Care Treatments and access to superb vanity amenities including steam, sauna, contrast therapy baths, and the unique Vichy shower.

Service rates range between PHP580-P1,530 (massage treatments), PHP1,140-P1,800 (body treatments), PHP1,000-P1,800 (facials) and PHP550-P680 (foot spas). Best time to drop by: stay-home moms – 2-4pm (weekdays) and working gals – 7-8pm.

Weary bones and frayed nerves sure could use a visit to this tropical-themed urban retreat. You could actually hear your body whisper “thank you” to the professionally trained hands that freed you from Christmas aches and strains.

The Spa (near Makati Supermart and Banana Leaf Curry House), Alabang Town Center, is open from 1pm-10pm (Sun-Thurs) and 1pm-11pm (Fri & Sat). Contact Ms. Ann Tanquintic (Branch Manager) at +632 8503490 or +632 8506604 for complete list of services and holiday promo details.

Originally published in Mommy Academy Magazine, published by Gerry Geronimo Productions, Inc.


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