Kanebo red beauty products

Reverse sun skin damage and get fairer skin this summer

PRE-summer heat blankets the tropics and with it comes not only the promise of sun-kissed godliness but also the curse of “sun-fried radiance”.

EVER vigilant of the evolving needs of sensitive Asian skin tones, Kanebo launched its twin antidote to this year’s summer skin backlash through an interactive beauty workshop set amid the elegance of Deco Centrum, which adorned its showroom with a magnificent showcase of the legendary “Arita” fine porcelain from Japan.

After partaking of the sumptuous entrées provided by Japanese restaurant Kuretake, young and not-so-young devotees of the “eternal beauty clique” indulged in a skin-pampering afternoon treat with Kanebo’s two newest product lines—Blanchir New Power of Red and FairCrea White Care.

Kanebo beauty consultant Sayuri Isunashima from Japan and chief trainer for Asian operations Jenny Liang from Malaysia guided us on the step-by-step beautification process.

In 1998, Kanebo joined the “fair skin dream” bandwagon with its whitening beauty essence, Whitening Clear Conditioner. The subsequent strengthening of the product lineup turned Blanchir’s Power of Red series into a beauty buzzword.

Power of Red

The new Power of Red series is enhanced with the addition of unique ingredients, particularly elder extract and kakyoku, an oriental botanical extract found and revered in China (where it is also called sekiyoshi or Red Child of the Sun for its deep red berry).

Ever since, Blanchir’s Power of Red series has been synonymous with the latest advances in dermatological research. Latest studies showed that UV ray-stimulated histamine activates melanocytes, which results in melanin over-production and unsightly skin blemishes. Hence, the need for histamine-release control and melanocytes-activation prevention for the promotion of pristine, clear skin.

But the renewed Power of Red Series gets ahead of the game as it controls histamine just when it is being released from fat cells and blocks it quickly before it combines with melanocytes – an extremely effective means to achieve glorious, ivory smoothness.

Spanking arrivals to the lineup include an emulsion-type Whitening Milky Conditioner to pair with the lotion-type beauty essence and the gel-type Whitening Night Conditioner. All three come in regular and rich formulas.

Whitening Clear Conditioner This deep-penetrating moisturizing lotion does away with dryness, roughness and inflammation due to over-soaking in the sun. Its continuous use provides not only much-needed moisture but also a sense of translucency for a brighter – not greasy-slick – glow. Feel free to baby your whole body with it as it doubles as a body lotion. Price: P2,650 (200 mL)

Whitening Milky Conditioner This double emollient formula effectively locks in moisture for hours, treats dehydrated pores and softens coarse surfaces while gradually revealing fine-textured white skin. See horrid pimple marks erase themselves with this medicated and fragrance-free emulsion. Price: P2,800 (100 mL)

Whitening Night Conditioner While you sleep, this red medicated gel provides you with three kinds of treatment: whitening, moisturizing and massage. Applied at the end of your facial treatment routine at night, the light gel makes the skin fairer and more supple.  Active ingredient: carrots. Price: P2,650 (40g)

FairCrea WhiteCare

Kanebo transforms the role of foundation with FairCrea WhiteCare series, a whitening formula that  combines translucency and a makeup effect. Imagine acquiring fair-looking and beautiful skin just by putting on a foundation that doesn’t reveal spots or allow them to appear.

Containing a new ingredient, W Care Powder CE (a compound for treating and protecting skin), this fresh series shields all types of skin tones against UV-ray damage.

The whitening makeup also contains Shade Filter Powder UV, a new light-filtering ingredient that safeguards both young and mature skin from unwanted spots and freckles borne of too much sunshine(!) by effectively cutting UV rays. In short, this ultra-fine particle pigment cuts only light that makes existing spots very noticeable.

Extra coverage is aptly provided for trouble-prone areas and the refreshing formula applies so smoothly that the beautiful finish holds well without the embarrassing, unnatural whiteness or cheap dullness of other low-quality foundations. Your final look: translucent chic.

Whereas light coverage foundations absorb all light that reveals all and – oh, gosh – hides nothing and heavy coverage turns us all into Morticia Addams clones, the new FairCrea foundation diminishes the impact of surface stains and spreads indirect light within the foundation, resulting in sheer finish perfection.

WhiteCare products also contain Mineral Yeast (skin protection agent) as well as St. John’s Wort Extract for that rosy peach aura.

The FairCrea WhiteCare Liquid Foundation UV has SPF28 while FairCrea WhiteCare Pact UV (with pact case) has SPF29. Whether you’re a tawny meztiza or a golden goddess, you’ll find a perfect match for your skin tone as both FairCrea products come in eight skin tones.

Enjoy that red-hot white indulgence and avail yourself of Kanebo’s free makeovers / consultations at the following stores: Rustan’s Makati (March 16-19), SM Megamall B (March 24-28) and Essences at Robinson’s Place Ermita (March 31-April 4).

Originally published in The Manila Times. 


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