Copywriter | Editor | Multidisciplinary Creative 

Welcome to my online portfolio! Here you’ll find my selective works as a writer & editor (print & online), communications creative (ad-marketing, PR & events), and project & events manager.

The world of integrated marketing & communications requires a writer with MWPD.

That’s Multiple Writing Personality Disorder—which I I acquired from more than a decade of producing multimedia copy for different media, agencies, brands and businesses.

I’m a kick-ass copy hybrid—

50% editorial

50% marketing

100% communications chameleon

Content is my strength; The Beatles, my kryptonite.

Looking for a specific copy?

Contact me at and I will send you the sample copy/content you need! This site is still in its set-up “beta” stage, so there are only a few pieces up. Don’t worry, there’s a ton coming soon so brace yourself!


Copywriter | Editor | Multidisciplinary Creative